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It all starts with web hosting. We provide clients with our web hosting service so that they don’t have to host their websites with their domain provider or third party hosts. This enables our clients to gain total control over their websites and hosting services. We provide hosting for all, from small websites with few pages to large ones, E-commerce websites, Learning Management Systems with capacity of unlimited courses and even Mobile Apps.

Our web hosting service includes unlimited space and web-email packages.

We design and develop websites according to client’s specification, at the same time if an opportunity is provided we would be happy to use our own creativity wherever needed. We love to plan things ahead before development. Our creations are modern, dynamic, responsive, SEO friendly and of high resolution. The creations are also transition friendly to smoothly change with the trend or even ready, to start one.

Websites we create can be easily customized and managed.

To keep the visitors interested in the website and the products/services on it, one must update the website content often. Our Content management service ensures that the websites stays new, fresh and updated. Through this service we help our clients to manage their website content which includes adding, deleting and replacing content such as banners, images, products, services, offers, articles and blogs.

With Content Management Service, we help clients to achieve an increase in the number of returning visitors on their websites.


To increase sales and output, one must strive to build a brand and get visitors to the website regularly. This is where Social Media is proven to be an effective branding tool. Our campaign starts with first, generating a user base and then creating awareness about our client’s brand, products and services. We then engage the users through regular posting. This in turn benefits the brand directly and indirectly. Directly is when the user becomes your website visitor and indirectly is when user helps to spread the word around through sharing or even word of mouth. We create innovative strategies and implement them in the campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube.

As social media marketing is a continuous process we work hard to get new social media audience and website visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a process to let all the major search engines like Google, Bing, etc., know about the brand and the website. The search engines collect information from the website periodically. It is then displayed by the search engines in the form of links to the users, who have searched for a word or phrase which is similar or close to the information presented on the website. When the users choose to click on the website’s link on the SERP, they are directed to the website and the website gets visitors. There are two aspects to SEO; On-Page and Off-Page. On-page SEO is done to enable search engines to easily collect information from the website. Off-page SEO is done to get back-links or inbound links from other sites to the website. An inbound link is like a thumbs up to the website.

We perform both Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO with appropriate Keyword placement on websites to align them to rank higher as links on search engines. This creates more visibility and attract more visitors. We create Keywords for the website which are more likely to be searched on search engines.

Any Digital Marketing campaign is never complete without an Email Marketing campaign. Regularly sending out newsletters, blog and article teasers to the subscribed users keeps them hooked. Email Marketing benefits both the branding and the sales. It is a perfect tool to engage the user base created through social media and the website. We run email marketing campaigns and try to be ethical everytime. We don’t believe in spamming the users as it can negatively impact the brand. Spamming results in users unsubscribing.

We develop the required content for the Email Marketing campaign, send out the emails regularly and share the results. We also use different strategies to get better results.


We create E-commerce websites and apps, power-packed with awesome features that help you attract more visitors, improve your conversions and grow your business quickly. Websites we create are easy to navigate, user friendly and offer quick product search and recommendations.

We also provide the hosting and webspace required to cater to all, small and large e-commerce sites.

Whether its changing the banners and images regularly or adding, deleting and managing products, categories and even vendors and re-sellers, content management is crucial to run any e-commerce site. The way we develop the sites, content management becomes easy and quick. We also provide content management as a service and take care of all changes on the e-commerce site.

We create different e-commerce site catering to different business models, but they are all packed with many features.

  • Add to Cart option
  • Add to Wishlist option
  • Recommended Products
  • Delivery options
  • Payment options
  • Payment Gateway
  • Cart Viewer
  • Checkout page
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited vendors for marketplace
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Order history and Delivery tracking in user accounts.
  • and many more


We create Easy-to-use Learning Management system websites, power-packed with awesome features that help you and your users to create and select attractive courses. A “never been easy” course and student management system is now simplified. With ability to host hundreds and thousands of courses, your Learning Management system will be a university of knowledge in itself. The Main feature of LMS we create is a tool where in you can create interactive and engaging courses, sections, modules and quiz/exams as well on your own with just a few clicks. You can allow other Authors and Instructors to host their courses on your site, thus making your list of courses and options for your users endless

We also provide the hosting and webspace required for all, small and large LMS sites.

LMS Sites are all about content. From banners to images to course descriptions, everything needs to be perfect and in its right place. We help you to create wonderful courses with proper graphics, text, layouts and other material to go with it. We help you in providing your users an experience with 100% learning from the course they choose to pursue.


The growing number of smartphone users all around the world and the ease of creating and using smart mobile applications is a huge breakthrough for the e-commerce industry. Now selling a product does not incur tons of overhead costs. Then termed as “unavoidable expenses” like rent, electricity and man-power etc for operating a physical, brick and mortar business, office, shop and even small restaurants now can be easily avoided. The sellers from any part of the world can directly reach their prospect buyers anywhere in the world and most importantly anytime, 24×7. With the number of expenses going down to few, the margin of profit is increased. Such businesses have become quite sustainable. Sellers can make attractive offers to their buyers to increase their volume of sales and at the same time users get valuable discounts and concessions buying online. From a user perspective, shopping for a product or a service has just not only become easy and less time consuming, but a money saving experience as well.  Shoppers save on expenses like traveling, parking, etc., when shopping through an app, which simply gives them a sense of winning, getting an awesome deal and a chance to enjoy their product more than before. By the way, both the seller and the buyer gets to be a winner here, isn’t this the perfect situation?

We develop all types of Mobile Apps, both Android (for Android smartphone and tablet) and IOS (for apple iPhone and iPad). We create awesome looking and seamlessly performing E-Commerce Apps, Informative Apps and Website related Apps.

We provide hosting solutions for Mobile Apps as well.

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Other Features


We create innovative strategies and implement them to get you desired results and grow your business.


The websites we develop are SEO optimised, pre-planned for future changes and easily customizable.


The websites we create are Social Media friendly. The icons and their placing are well thought and are visitor engaging.


We assist our clients with paid advertising on Google (Google AdWords/Pay Per Click) for increasing their traffic and conversions.  We create different strategies for online advertising and help our clients learn and understand more about their audience.


We have an online Support Desk with a unique Ticket system for our clients. The ticket system set in place helps us in completing & resolving all tasks & issues on time.


We help our clients obtain and understand analytics for their website and social media. It helps both us and our clients to set achievable goals, make quick changes to the strategies and track progress regularly.


The way visitors read information, take action and interact with your website is changing. Mobile devices like smartphones & tablets are now more popular than ever and are the cause of this positive change. Websites we create and develop are device friendly or responsive and work on all PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


When creating the right content is important, graphic designing gets as important. We create banners, images, logos and other material needed for online and offline use. We create some really creative and unique material.


We develop some unique content for our clients, which includes write-ups, articles, blog posts, banners, images, icons, etc.,. While creating and developing content, we give importance to make it easily understandable, innovative, creative and non-controversial.

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